Booking a Special Train

Have you ever considered a non-traditional company presentation in the form of a special train? Then our offering of special trains is just for you.

Special Trains

Objednávka zvláštního vlakuSpecial trains will transport you at times and on routes of your choosing, to the extent possible. We will draw up a timetable for you that cannot be found in any guide and at the same time will help to make your wish come true. We are able to dispatch trains for passenger groups of various sizes and transport you as close as possible to the site of your subsequent event. The train can be composed of modern or historic carriages. You can select both the locomotive and the carriages which will compose your special train. We can take you for a ride e.g. on an accommodation train with dining, sleeper and couchette carriages. We can also prepare a special train for various occasions (company meeting, birthday celebration) with saloon, entertainment or dancing carriages, for example. Special trains can consist of all available types of carriages, both modern and historic, in various combinations to the extent technically possible. We can provide carriages in combinations for which the reserves of ČD’s rolling stock for passenger transport allow. Should a certain type of carriages be unavailable, we can even rent one from another carrier.

Historical Trains

Nostalgic trains are very popular, especially among longstanding ČD customers. These are also special trains made to order and composed of historic vehicles which you won’t see in regular operation. These vehicles are now usually museum exhibits. The train can be headed by one of the steam, older electrical or diesel locomotives or just a railcar. We offer a whole range of historic railcars, which have low operational costs and are suitable for smaller groups. We provide all historic vehicles to you per your request. Your selected historic traction vehicle will be connected to the passenger carriages which best meet your requirements.

Soubory ke stažení

Terms and conditions for booking a special train:

  • For inland special trains it is necessary to place your order at least 30 days prior to the first travel date, and 90 days prior to the first travel date for international special trains.
  • For special carriages it is necessary to place your order at least 15 days prior to the first travel date in the case of regular inland services or 60 days in the case of regular international services.

It is essential that these ordering deadlines be respected to ensure that there is sufficient time for preparation and for all participating parties to agree on a specific, technologically feasible solution. Thank you for your understanding.

An order must always be in writing and contain:

  • information about the ordering party (address, contact person, telephone number and e-mail address for this person and billing information = address, business ID number, tax ID number and bank account number, address where the invoice should be sent)
  • whether a special carriage (wagon) or special train is required
  • number and type or requested rail carriages (wagons)
  • originating and destination stations
  • route requirements with dates and times
  • possibly the exact model of carriages (wagons) and locomotive desired

Where does one submit an order?

  • send to ČD, Odbor obchodu osobní dopravy (Department of Passenger Transport Sales), nábř. L. Svobody 1222, 110 15 Praha 1, contact for ordering historical trains: (tel.: 724 900 737 or 602 575 513), contact for ordering other special trains: (tel.: 972 232 088).

Kontakt na muzeum

T: +420 313 537 700

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