Diesel locomotive T 211.0101

Motorová lokomotiva T 211.0101

Designation: T 211.0101 (700 101-9)
Production year: 1960
Manufacturer: ČKD Praha
Type of vehicle: B

One of the first diesel locomotives serially produced at ČKD Praha was the T 211.0 series. These locomotives were designed for light track service and light shunting at small stations, depots and industrial plants.

Between 1957 and 1962, ČKD Praha produced a total of 824 units – a two-axle hood-type locomotive with the driver’s cab in the rear. The locomotive is powered by an air-cooled V-12 Tatra diesel engine with direct fuel injection (a well-known engine used in lorries) and a ČKD four-speed pneumatically controlled synchronised mechanical transmission, which functions analoguously to the Mylius principle. The torque is transmitted to the wheelset by means of articulated shafts and axle gearboxes. The manufacturer also enjoyed export successes with these locomotives (Egypt, Iraq, Poland, Romania and others) due to their advantages over other contemporaneous models – easy service and maintenance, winter operations facilitated by an air-cooled engine and, in contrast to steam traction, immediate deployment capability. Of the produced quantity, Czechoslovak State Railways (ČSD) took delivery of 167 units, with the rest going to industrial use or export. Ten 900-mm-gauge units were delivered for domestic industry, and wide-gauge versions were manufactured for export – 1,524-mm-gauge units for the USSR and 1,676-mm-gauge units for India. Many of these locomotives are still operated by various clubs and railway museums today.

Summary information
Vehicle type: Diesel locomotive
Designation: T 211.0101
(700 101-9)
Owner: ČD a.s.
Status: provozní
Nickname: Prasátko (“Piglet”)
Production year: 1960
Manufacturer: ČKD Praha
Production number: 4936
Axle arrangement: B
Max. speed: 40 km/h
Output: 121 kW
Output transfer: mechanický
Service weight: 22 t
Driving wheelset diameter: 1000 mm



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