Narrow-gauge diesel locomotive TU 47.016

Motorová lokomotiva úzkorozchodná TU 47.016

Designation: TU 47.016 (705 916 - 5)
Production year: 1959
Manufacturer: ČKD Praha
Type of vehicle: Bo´Bo´

Locomotive series TU 47.0 was developed in order to motorise operations on narrow-gauge lines used by Czechoslovak State Railways (ČSD). Narrow-gauge locomotives could be deployed for both passenger and freight transport on a total of five 750- and 760-mm-gauge lines.

In 1948, an order for the first series was placed with ČKD Praha. A total of 6 units of this series were produced in 1954-1955, and the initial designation was T 47.0. The locomotive’s power source is the CKD 12 V 170 DR engine, which had already proven itself in M 262.0 railcars, and the driving wheelsets are powered by nose-suspended direct-current serial traction motors. In 1958, another 15 units were produced. The gear ratios of the traction motors were changed for the first 4 units of the second series, as locomotives T 47.007 through T 41.010 were intended for the Frýdlant v Čechách – Heřmanice line, with a 750-mm-gauge track. Of the remaining 11 units, 4 went to Osoblaha and Ružomberok and 3 to Jindřichův Hradec. The manufacturer also enjoyed success on the export market with 45 units delivered to the USSR in 1957-1958. 

In Czechoslovakia, these locomotives were later re-designated as TU 47.0 and in 1988 they were given the new series 705.9. Operations have been discontinued on the lines in Frýdlant and in Slovakia, and the line in Jindřichův Hradec is now operated by a private company. The last place of operation by Czech Railways (ČD) is thus the Třemešná ve Slezsku – Osoblaha line.

Summary information
Vehicle type: Narrow-gauge diesel locomotive
Designation: TU 47.016  (705 916 – 5)
Owner: ČD a.s.
Status: non-operational
Nickname: Téúčko (“Little TU”)
Production year: 1958
Manufacturer: ČKD Praha
Axle arrangement: Bo´Bo´
Max. speed: 50 km/h
Constatnt output: 258 kW
Output transfer: elektric
Service weight: 32 t
Driving wheelset diameter: 760 mm



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The regular operation of steam locomotives in Czechoslovakia was terminated in 1981.