Battery-powered locomotive E 212.001

Akumulátorová lokomotiva E212.001

Designation: E 212.001 (103 001-4)
Production year: 1958/1998
Manufacturer: Škoda n.p. Plzeň
Type of vehicle: Bo

The locomotive is part of a four-unit series of electric locomotives for a 3,000 VDC power system; Škoda Plzeň produced them between 1955 and 1958 for shunting in electrified yards.

The original electric locomotive was delivered for use on a siding at the company Technolen Svitavy. It was in operation there from its delivery in 1958 until 1976. Thereafter, it was relocated to Česká Třebová, where it was to be exhibited in a planned open-air museum, although these plans were ultimately abandoned. In 1991, it was transported to the Praha Masarykovo depot, where it was to become a monument. During an inspection, however, the decision was made to retrofit it as a battery-powered locomotive for shunting non-operational electric locomotives into the depot’s indoor workshops, thus avoiding the emissions that would result from the use of diesel-powered shunting locomotives. The retrofitting was successfully completed in 1998. It is a two-axle locomotive with a central tower cab and a removable hood on each end. The hoods cover nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries, charging by means of a thyristor pulse converter and two direct-current nose-suspended serial traction motors mounted on the driving wheelsets. After completing its operations at the Praha Masarykovo depot, the locomotive was no longer needed and was relocated to the Historic Railway Depot in Lužná u Rakovníka, where it is also used to shunt engines which are undergoing repairs.

Summary information
Vehicle type: Battery-powered locomotive
Designation: E 212.001    (103 001 – 4)
Owner: ČD a.s.
Status: operational
Nickname: Koloběžka (“Scooter”)
Production year: 1958/1998
Production number: 3713
manufacturer: Škoda n.p. Plzeň           
Axle arrangement: Bo
Max. speed: 10 km/h
Constant output: 42 kW
Output transfer: electric
Service weight: 23 t
Driving wheelset diameter: 900 mm



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The height of steam traction in the Czech lands dates to the 1950s.