Railcar M 131.105

Motorový vůz M 131.105

Designation: M 131.105
Production year: 1948
Manufacturer: Tatra Kopřivnice
Type of vehicle: A´1´

In 1946, to restore the rolling stock of railcars for secondary lines after the war, Czechoslovak State Railways (ČSD) placed an order with Tatra Kopřivnice for a new type of two-axle railcar with mechanical power transmission. It was designated series M 131.1.

The first railcar was delivered in June 1948, and serial production began in the same year. After 40 units had been manufactured, production of the rest was relocated to Vagónka Tatra Studénka. The two producers ultimately delivered 549 units for ČSD. The railcar had a four-door, eight-sided cabin with narrowing ends. Both ends have entry areas and frontal stations for the train driver and conductor. The passenger compartment contains 48 seats in a 4+1 arrangement. The railcar is powered by a Tatra T 301 internal combustion engine developed based the successful model T 111. It is a V-12 air-cooled engine. The torque is transmitted to the driving wheelset mechanically via a clutch, a four-speed “Mylius” gearbox, a cardan shaft and a reversing gear on the driving wheelset.

In the ČSD network of the period, there was not a single depot where these railcars did not operate. Indeed, in many areas they replaced not only pre-war railcars but also steam locomotives, which contributed to more economical operations. The M 131.1 railcars were ultimately replaced by M 152.0 railcars and regular operations ended in 1984. A relatively large number of them have survived to the present day in the ownership of Czech Railways (ČD) as well as various associations and clubs.

Summary information
Vehicle type: railcar
Designation: M 131.105  
Owner: ČD a.s.
Status: operational
Nickname: Hurvínek
Production year: 1948
Manufacturer: Tatra Kopřivnice
Production number: 66313
Axle arrangement: A´1´
Max. speed: 60 km/h
Output: 114 kW
Output transfer: mechanical
Service weight: 16.6 t
Driving wheelset diameter:  880 mm



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