Railcar M 152.0002

Motorový vůz M 152.0002

Designation: M 152.0002 (810 002 - 6)
Production year: 1974
Manufacturer: Vagónka Studénka
Type of vehicle: A´1´

Series M 152.0 railcars were designed to replace the proven but antiquated M 131.1 units, and were intended for service on Czechoslovak State Railways’ (ČSD) secondary lines. After two prototypes in 1973, serial production commenced in 1975 and ended in 1984.

The manufacturer was Vagónka Studénka and 680 units were produced for ČSD. The railcar has two axles, one of which is the driving axle. The cabin is mounted on two single-axle bogies for easier passage through curves. The drive unit – a water-cooled, horizontally positioned, six-cylinder LIAZ ML 634 – as well as auxiliary drives and radiator are located under the floor of the railcar. The engine drives the wheelset by means of an automatic hydro-mechanical two-speed gearbox with a reversing gear. The open-plan cabin offers 50 seats in a 2+3 arrangement as well as standing room for another 40 passengers. The railcar can be entered on either side of the cabin through two electro-pneumatic sliding doors. 

These railcars were allocated to most depots throughout the railway network and are still operated by Czech Railways (ČD) today. Many of them were retrofitted for operations without a train crew or converted to series 814 “Regionova” diesel units.  Railcar M 152.0002 was allocated to Locomotive Depot Valašské Meziříčí in 1995. It completed regular operations in 2015 and became a ČD museum vehicle. It is now part of the exposition in Lužná u Rakovníka.

Summary information
Vehicle type: railcar
Designation: M 152.0002 
Owner: ČD a.s.
Status provozní
Nickname: Orchestrion
Production year: 1974
Manufacturer: Vagónka Studénka
Production number: 74889
Axle arrangement: A´1´
Max. speed: 80 km/h
Output: 155 kW
Output transfer: Hydromechanical
Service weight: 20 t
Driving wheelset diameter: 840 mm



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The oldest operational vehicle with steam traction in the museum in Lužná is the Komarek steam carriage.