Electric locomotive E669.001

Elektrická lokomotiva E 669.001

Designation: E 669.001 (180 001 – 0)
Production year: 1959
Manufacturer: Škoda Plzeň
Type of vehicle: Co´Co´

The need for more powerful locomotives for fast transport was to be met by six-axle engines with the planned designation E 698.0. It was not possible to maintain axle pressure, however, and thus a second modified prototype was tested in freight transport and re-designated E 669.001.

The first prototype was then retrofitted with traction motors that provided two-sided axle drive and was re-designated as E 669.002. This became the prototype of all six-axle electric locomotives serially produced for Czechoslovak State Railways (ČSD). These cab-type locomotives have two frontal driver’s cabs. One side of the cabin has windows and the other has vents to pull air into the engine room. The three-axle bogies are connected by an articulated inter-bogie coupling. The secondary suspension uses coil springs and the primary suspension uses leaf springs. At the individual traction motor connections (serial, serial-parallel in 2 branches for three motors and in 3 branches for two motors), resistance regulation is used. There are 22, 11 and 7 regulatory degrees available at individual connections. 

For most of their existence, both engines were deployed in Česká Třebová, and in the early 1990s locomotive 180.001 was decommissioned. In 1995, however, both locomotives were repaired and returned to operation in their original exterior colour scheme. Locomotive 180.002 is now owned by the National Transport Museum in Prague, and locomotive 180.001 was placed in the exposition in Lužná u Rakovníka as a historic locomotive.

Summary information
Vehicle type: electric locomotive 
Designation: E 669.001 (180 001 – 0)
Owner: ČD a.s.
Status operational
Nickname: Šestikolák ("Six wheeler")
Production year: 1959
Manufacturer: Škoda Plzeň
Production number: 3711
Axle arrangement: Co´Co´
Charging system: 3 000 V VDC
Max. speed: 90 km/h
Constant output: 3048 kW
Regulation Resistance  
Service weight: 119 t
Driving wheelset diameter: 1250 mm



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The oldest operational vehicle with steam traction in the museum in Lužná is the Komarek steam carriage.