Tank steam locomotive 477.043

Parní lokomotiva tendrová 477.043

Designation: 477.043
Production year: 1954
Manufacturer: ČKD Praha
Type of vehicle: 2'D2'

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The locomotive was produced in 1954 at ČKD Praha under production number 3042 and was one of the most modern steam engines operated by Czechoslovak State Railways (ČSD).

Thanks to its output of 2100 horsepower and relatively fast acceleration it was originally specified for suburban transport in large cities and for express trains on shorter or difficult lines. It completed its service in Kolín and was subsequently sold to a heating plant in Prague’s Malešice quarter. In 2000 the locomotive was purchased back for Czech Railways (ČD) as a non-operational vehicle and in the spring of 2001 was put into operation and assigned to the rail vehicle depot in Louny. The locomotive’s maximum speed is 100 km/h, its gauge pressure in the boiler is 16 bar and its service weight was almost 130 tonnes. It is nicknamed “Papoušek” (“Parrot”) due to its unusual colorful exterior.

Summary information
Vehicle type: tank steam locomotive
Designation: 477.043
Owner: ČD
Condition: operational
Nickname Papoušek (“Parrot”)
Production year: 1954
Manufacturer: ČKD Praha
Maximum speed 100 km/h
Indicated output: 1540 kW
Service weight: 128.7 t
Diameter of driving wheel sets: 1624 mm


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The horse-drawn railway once operating between Linz and České Budějovice was the first public railway on the European continent.