Steam railcar M 124.001

Parní vůz M 124.001

Designation: M 124.001
Production year: 1903
Manufacturer: Ringhofferovy závody, Praha
Type of vehicle: A1

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Only two steam locomotives of this series were produced in 1903 in the Ringhoffer Wagon Works in Prague’s Smíchov district. The boilers were produced by Viennese company Komarek Maschinenfabrik.

Gauge pressure in the boiler was 13 bar, maximum speed 50 km/h. The railcars were originally intended for the company Czech Northern Railway and were to be operated on the line Česká Lípa - Kamenický Šenov. Due to the steep terrain on this line and difficulties in test operation, however, the railcars were purchased by state railways kkStB. They served the Nusle - Modřany, the Libochovice - Louny and in particular the Opočno – Dobruška line, where both completed their services in the 1940s. In 1949, railcar M 124.001 was given to the Technical Museum in Prague, where it was subsequently exhibited. After nearly sixty years there it was again put into to operation.

Owner: National Technical Museum Prague
Placement: Chomutov Depository

Summary information
Vehicle type: steam railcar
Designation: M 124.001
Owner: NTM
Condition: operational
Nickname: Komarek
Production year: 1903
Manufacturer: Ringhoffer Wagon Works, Prague
Maximum speed: 50 km/h
Indicated output: 36,8 kW
Service weight: 23,8 t
Number of seats: 32


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The diameter of the wheel sets of locomotive series 387.0 was nearly two metres.