Steam locomotive 534.0323

Parní lokomotiva 534.0323

Designation: 534.0323
Production year: 1946
Manufacturer: Škoda Plzeň
Type of vehicle: 1'E

The locomotive was produced at Škoda Works in Plzeň in 1946 with production number 1648 and its specification was for heavy freight trains; toward the end of steam operation it was also used for passenger transport.

Its maximum speed was 60 km/h, and its gauge pressure in the boiler was 16 bar (= 1.6 MPa, formerly 16 atm.). It was originally used in the roundhouse in Plzeň, but it was also used in Lužná u Rakovníka. It completed its service in the early 1980s at the Kladno depot, where it was then operated as a K 821 heating boiler with the capability of movement on its own; it was also used in this way at the roundhouse in Lužná u Rakovníka. In 1987, thanks to enthusiasts at the Kladno depot, it was modified to exhibition condition and was made operational not long thereafter. In 1996 it was taken out of service to undergo repairs. Repairs were completed in the workshops of the newly established Czech Railways Museum in the spring of 1999 and in May, on the occasion of the opening of the museum season, it was festively presented to the public; it was christened by Jaroslav Kocourek, head of business operations. At present, the locomotive is owned by Czech Railways (ČD). It is nicknamed “Kremák” (“Crematorium”) for its large furnace and is operated with tender 935.117.

Summary information
Vehicle type: steam locomotive
Designation: 534.0323
Owner: Czech Railways (ČD)
Condition: non-operational
Nickname: Kremák (“Crematorium”)
Production year: 1946
Manufacturer: Škoda Plzeň
Maximum speed: 60 km/h
Indicated output: 1104 kW
Service weight: 82,7 t
Diameter of driving wheel sets: 1308 mm


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Did you know… ?

The first steam locomotive was produced in the Czech lands in 1900 by First Bohemian-Moravian Machine Works, Prague.