Vehicle Repairs

The Czech Railways Museum in Lužná u Rakovníka is not just a place where you can exhibits documenting our ancestors’ skills and craftsmanship.

Opravy vozidel na zakázku

Another important component of the museum is its repair service for historic rail vehicles. This facility is located in a former repair hall of the former locomotive depot. Here, engines decommissioned long ago again come to life in the hands of experienced repairmen as shiny operational steam locomotives. During the short history of this repair service, locomotives 434.1100, 534.0323 and 310.0134 have undergone this transformation and currently locomotive 354.195 is being restored to operational condition. In addition, the repair service has performed many smaller repairs on various historic vehicles – locomotives as well as carriages.

The range of serviced vehicles is not limited only to vehicles of the so-called standard gauge (1435 mm), but includes narrow-gauge rail vehicles too. For example, in 2003 repairs to the steam engine and undercarriage of steam locomotive U 47.001 “Malletka” for the company JHMD, a.s. were performed here.

The historic rail vehicle repair service is ready to accommodate your requirements as well. If you are interested in having your historic vehicle repaired, please contact us by telephone on 313 537 700 or via e-mail on


T: +420 313 537 700

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Did you know… ?

Railcars started operating in the Czechoslovakia in 1925.